About Us


Goldstrad Business Solutions Ltd, is a web design company which was founded by Iuliana Barbulescu in September 2020.
Her passion for solving technical problems started from an early age while fixing technical problems around her house together with her dad. In 2016, she decided to build up her knowledge and followed a degree in Computer Science at the University of East London, where she was awarded with a 1st class degree. During her career Iuliana had multiple opportunities to work on amazing projects and make a real impact in people's life by utilising her knowledge. In October 2020 Iuliana became a professional member of the British Chartered Institute for IT (BCS). 


Some of Iuliana's projects are metioned below starting with the most recent

(2020) https://stackrecruitment.org/
The website was updated by Iuliana and it belongs to Stack Recruitment. Stack Recruitment is a charity company which connects talented autistic candidates with inclusive employers, matching them to their ideal job and helps employers creating a diverse and productive workforce. 

(2020) https://topazbusinessservices.co.uk/
The website was design by Iuliana and it belongs to Topaz Business Services Ltd, a company which provides various services (e.g. Telephone Answering, Bookkeeping). However the company has not started its activity and the website was not completed.

(2020) https://blueorchidservices.co.uk/
The website was updated by Iuliana and it belongs to Blue Orchid Services Ltd, a Health & Social Care Recruitment Company.

(2019) Cyber-physical Systems in the Smart Built Environment Research Project in collaboration with University of East London. This project purpose was to build a complete prototype of temperature sensors combining custom-built sensors, off-the-shelf devices, and close the data management cycle of sensors observations.

(2019) Buzzing Robots Project Workshop in collaboration with University of East London and Redbridge Central Library-Lab Central. The project's aim was to teach kids how to programme in Java Script using recycled materials, Micro:bit and Hummingbird Robotic Kits.